LED Waterproof Luminaires

LED Waterproof EcoMax G2

  • Waterproof luminaire in "sealed-for-life" concept
  • 3 lengths and 6 lumen packages, with efficacy up to 120 lm/W
  • Quick installation through the easy to open endcap
  • Up to 50% lower energy consumption compared to traditional TL lighting
  • Supplied with vandal-proof stainless steel ceiling and suspension clips
  • Equipped with 3x2.5mm2 throughwiring


ProductOrder codeEquivalent
to (W)
LEDWaterproof-E2 L1540-50W-6500543022011900TL 2x58W60001206500Grey RAL 7035
LEDWaterproof-E2 L1540-50W-4000543022012000TL 2x58W60001204000Grey RAL 7035
LEDWaterproof-E2 L1540-27W-4000543022012100TL 1x58W32501204000Grey RAL 7035
LEDWaterproof-E2 L1260-37W-6500543022012200TL 2x36W44501206500Grey RAL 7035
LEDWaterproof-E2 L1260-37W-4000543022012300TL 2x36W44501204000Grey RAL 7035
LEDWaterproof-E2 L1260-18W-4000543022012400TL 1x36W22001204000Grey RAL 7035
LEDWaterproof-E2 L680-20W-4000543022012500TL 2x18W24001204000Grey RAL 7035
LEDWaterproof-E2 L680-10W-4000543022012600TL 1x18W12001204000Grey RAL 7035
Accessory Order codeType of accessory/spare partMaterialColour
LEDWaterproof-E2-Mounting Kit506005001900Mounting kitAluminiumAluminium