LED Road/Streetlight

LED Roadlight

  • Available with step dimming or DALI dimming for increased energy savings
  • Up to 60% energy saving compared to HID roadlights
  • Advanced optical design optimized for road lighting
  • Flexible and adjustable pole connector for both side entry and pole top mounting
  • Robust die-cast aluminium body
  • IP66 and coastline proof

To install the Opple LED Roadlight, it is necessary to purchase a Pole Adapter.The Pole Adapter enables the luminaire to be fixed and positioned at the pole.


ProductOrder codeEquivalent
to (W)
LEDRoadlight-200W-4000-DALI543014005500HID 250W240001204000Grey
LEDRoadlight-150W-4000-DALI543014005600HID 250W187501254000Grey
LEDRoadlight-120W-4000-DALI543014005700HID 150W150001254000Grey
LEDRoadlight-90W-4000-DALI543014005800HID 150W112501254000Grey
LEDRoadlight-150W-4000-STEP543014015600HID 250W187501254000Grey
LEDRoadlight-90W-4000-STEP543014015700HID 150W112501254000Grey
LEDRoadlight-200W-4000-STEP543014015800HID 250W240001204000Grey
LEDRoadlight-120W-4000-STEP543014015900HID 150W150001254000Grey
Accessory Order codeType of accessory/spare partMaterialColour
Pole Adapter-Roadlight-60mm543098007000AdapterSteelGrey
Pole Adapter-Roadlight-76mm599006051700AdapterSteelGrey