LED Recessed Luminaires

LED Panel Monza

  • Architectural LED panel with direct/indirect light
  • Unique low glare optics
  • High efficacy up to 114 lm/W
  • Suitable for office applications, UGR<19
  • Perfect replacement of traditional CFL 55W panels – offering up to 50% energy saving
  • Static, DALI2, 1-10V and Smart Lighting (BLE) versions available

  • Available on request with 3- or 5- or 3+2 pole Wieland GST18i of Wago WINSTA connector.


ProductOrder codeEquivalent
to (W)
LEDPanelRc-Mo Sq595-35W-3000-WH-U19542003016800CFL 1x55W38001093000White
LEDPanelRc-Mo Sq595-35W-4000-WH-U19542003016900CFL 1x55W40001144000White
LEDPanelRc-Mo Sq595-35W-DALI-3000-WH-U19542003015200CFL 1x55W38001093000White
LEDPanelRc-Mo Sq595-35W-DALI-4000-WH-U19542003015300CFL 1x55W40001144000White
LEDPanelRc-Mo Sq595-35W-BLE-3000-WH-U19542003015600CFL 1x55W38001093000White
LEDPanelRc-Mo Sq595-35W-BLE-4000-WH-U19542003015700CFL 1x55W40001144000White
LEDPanelRc-Mo Sq595-35W-10V-3000-WH-U19542003016000CFL 1x55W38001093000White
LEDPanelRc-Mo Sq595-35W-10V-4000-WH-U19542003016100CFL 1x55W40001144000White
Accessory Order code
LEDPanelRC-Sl U19 EM-kit 1h542098000800
LEDPanelRC-Sl U19 EM-kit 3h542098000900