LED Floodlight Luminaires

LED Floodlight Basic

  • Replacement of halogen and up to 150W HID
  • Wide power range from 10W to 70W
  • Slim and compact body design due to integrated driver
  • IP65 & IK07 for both indoor and outdoor applications
  • Compatible brackets and ground spikes available
  • IP65 daylight and motion sensor accessory available


ProductOrder codeEquivalent
to (W)
LEDFlood-B Re125-10W-4000543017000200Halogen 50W800804000Black
LEDFlood-B Re170-20W-4000543017000300Halogen 100W1700854000Black
LEDFlood-B Re191-30W-4000543017000400HID 50W2500854000Black
LEDFlood-B Re217-50W-4000543017009900HID 70W4250854000Black
LEDFlood-B Re266-70W-4000543017010000HID 150W5950854000Black