LED Downlights

LED Downlight Basic

  • NEW: available in 3000K
  • Suitable for recessed applications
  • Replacement for conventional 1x18W or 2x26W CFL luminaires
  • Energy saving up to 60%
  • Flicker-free light with perfect uniformity
  • Easy to install due to integrated LED driver


ProductOrder codeEquivalent
to (W)
LEDDownlightRc-B Rd150-12W-3000-WH540001023800CFL 1x18W930793000White RAL9003
LEDDownlightRc-B Rd150-12W-4000-WH540001000510CFL 1x18W960804000White RAL9003
LEDDownlightRc-B Rd200-22W-3000-WH540001023700CFL 2x26W1800823000White RAL9003
LEDDownlightRc-B Rd200-22W-4000-WH540001000410CFL 2x26W1870854000White RAL9003